The Story of Parks Marriage Contract (2023)

The Story of Parks Marriage Contract (2023)

Other name: 열녀 박씨 계약 결혼뎐 烈女朴氏契約結婚傳 Yeolnyeo Bakssi Gyeyak Gyeolhondyeon Lady Virtue's Contract Marriage The Tale of Park Yeon Woo The Tale of the Contract Marriage of the Yeolnyeo Park Clan Park's Contract Marriage Story


In the mid-19th century, she was the only daughter of the Minister of Interior, who heated up the capital with a “certain” rumor. But on the day of her marriage, her husband dies, and she ends up as a widow. Before she could even mourn the death of her one-day husband, she suddenly finds herself in Korea 200 years later and struggles to return to Joseon.



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