The Matchmakers (2023)

The Matchmakers (2023)

Other name: 혼례대첩 너에게 나를 보낸다 婚禮大捷 Honryedaecheob Hoonryedaecheop Neoege Nareul Bonaenda Marriage Battle Wedding Contest The Wedding Battle Sending Me to You I Send Myself to You The Battle of Marriage The Matchmaker Свадебная битва Свахи


Sim Jung Woo is an intelligent and handsome young man. He was the youngest to place first in the state examination, but he was picked to become the princess’ husband. During their wedding ceremony, the princess suddenly died. Sim Jung Woo’s life changed and he became the most unfortunate man. According to the Joseon period custom, he is not able to take the government post and he can’t remarry. He then becomes involved with Jung Soon Deok.

Director: Director: Hwang Seung Ki [황승기]


Status: Upcoming

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