Perfect Marriage Revenge (2023)

Perfect Marriage Revenge (2023)

Other name: 완벽한 결혼의 정석 完美的结婚公式 Wanbyeoghan Gyeolhonui Jeongseok Standard Procedure of Perfect Marriage The Standard of a Perfect Marriage The Essence of a Perfect Marriage Дорама Стандартная процедура идеального брака


Han Yi Joo is a painter. She was adopted by Han Jin Woong and Lee Jung Hye . Her father runs Hanwool Financial Group. Yet, Han Yi Joo was not loved by her parents or her younger sister Han Yoo Ra. She was always isolated from her family. Now, Han Yi Joo is married to Jung Se Hyeok. She learns that her husband Jung Se Hyeok loves her sister Han Yoo Ra and not her. On that same day, Han Yi Joo gets into a car accident and dies.



Status: Ongoing

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